The ability to control a home from anywhere and with ease

Imagine a home that you have complete control over. A home that will open and close your curtains at dusk and dawn. A home that turns your kettle on when you get out of bed. A home that lights up your path when going to the toilet in the night.

You may think that to get this home, you would need a complete rewire and that it would cost you an arm and a leg.

What if Mr. Electric could give you this home without having to rewire anything? We can also upgrade your electrics one socket or switch at a time, so you can budget however much you can afford at that point.

Well, this is entirely possible with LightwaveRF! There are switches, sockets, radiator valves, in-line relays, motion sensors, magnetic sensors, energy monitors and more, all easily controlled from anywhere!

With stylish finishes, all fittings are either plug-and-play or retrofitted, so no need to rewire anything. Retrofitted modules are all standard wiring, so easily fitted.

Take a look at individual modules and find the right products for you.